Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Celebrating his long-awaited-finally-completed Blues album!

It's here! It's done -- recorded (2018) and now mixed and mastered at Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein, the album "From the Blues and Back" is ready for release early next year.  Fred is ending 2022 proud to have finally completed this longtime labor of love for the fans who helped make it happen.  Stay tuned for the 2023 release date (TBD).


Fred's also welcoming longtime agent Peter Basler of Basitours to his new role as Fred's main European agent. Europe touring is scheduled to resume in May with the New JB's, Fred's band, to which he also is grateful, for adding their extraordinary talents to his touring, to his life, and now to a new album. Have a Happy New Year and watch the calendar for a funky good time near you.


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  3. The joy in his eyes and the soul in his music perfectly encapsulate the celebration of his long-awaited, finally completed Blues album."

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