Friday, February 15, 2019

Tuning up for 2019 in France

Fred arrived in France on Valentine’s Day for a two-day funk master class in advance of the New JBs tour of France, happening Feb. 20-March 2. 

Fourteen French musicians, including two singers, gathered at HF Music Studio in the 14th arrondisement for the master class organized L’Association K’Dense, which has presented master classes featuring Fred in France for more than 10 years. 

In addition to benefiting from his vast experience and inherent musicality through playing the music, students also were treated to words of funk wisdom to live by:
  • “It can’t be early and it can’t be late. It has to be right on time;”
  • “If you just play the notes any kinda way, then it’s noise. If you play them correctly, then it’s music;”
  • “The Blues are what makes the funk funk.”

Speaking of Blues, stay tuned this year for the forthcoming “From the Blues and Back” album from Fred and the New JBs.

Speaking of the New JBs, Fred will meet up with his Cats, most of whom have been with him nearly 30 years, on Tuesday to start their winter tour Wednesday at Lo Bolegason in Castres. Click here for tickets and to learn more about the nine shows. After a quick week at home, he’ll head back to Europe to meet up with his Generations Trio for a monthlong tour throughout Europe. 
Master class students work on the JBs 1974 version of “Watermelon Man.”
Fred with Kristle Reynaud and Djamila Alioua of L’Association K’Dense.

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