Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Home safe after a summer marathon!

Fred took off just after his 73rd birthday on a marathon of a tour period that finally finished Sunday when he flew home from some rescheduled fun with Mister PC at the Jazz in Fort Ecluse series. Many thanks for the warm welcome to Mister PC and family, Adriano Bassanini, and the beautiful staff and fans of the Fort located on the French side of the border with Switzerland.

The week before found Fred touring the scenic Pacific Northwest with the youngsters of the band Object Heavy and special guests including Rashaan Ahmad, former Jill Scott trumpeter Farnell Newton and saxophonist Christopher Boa. Many thanks to the whole crew, including our friends at Humboldt Green, the Hummingbird Healing Center and Northcoast Horticulture Supply.

Enjoy the photos below.

Up next, fans in Toronto, Canada, can catch Fred for free with Abraham Inc at the Ashkenaz Festival on Sept. 3. Then on Sept. 14, he'll be a special guest with the James Brown Band at the Charleston (SC) Music Hall. Watch for possible added dates in October, then see him Oct. 30 in Greensboro, NC, with the Healing Blues Project.
Behind Seattle's Nectar Lounge (photo by Jamie VanBuhler)
Mount Shasta on the road to Eugene, Oregon
Further on down the road...
Across the bridge view of the For the Funk of It Festival site in Belden, CA
View from the 100-year-old bridge into Belden.
Another bridge on the way.
Crossing the bridge into San Francisco.
After a quick Marin County session for drummer Tanasa Daniel, with bassist Angeline Saris.
Backstage in Seattle with Skerik.
Fred near a Fort Ecluse window overlooking the Rhone river
Sunset view from another fort window
Onstage at Fort Ecluse with Mister PC.

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