Friday, November 29, 2013

Featured on a website and a wall

When Fred performed at Pop Montreal in September, the website "The Sound It Resounds" asked him what it has asked numerous other musicians: to talk about a recording that was particularly inspirational to him. Click here for video of his musings on the 1956 album "J is for Jazz," by J.J. Johnson.

In other news, Fred's image is featured prominently in a new mural by graffiti street artitsts AL Sticking and SALAMECH outside Le Jam, a club and school in Montpellier, France. Fred posed for photos for the mural when the New JBs played there last April. The New JBs' French agent Jean-Herve Michel of Nueva Onda posed for the photo below while the mural was still being completed. Thanks, Jean-Herve!

Jean-Herve Michel with the new mural at Le Jam. (Photo by Marie Brissett)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In Bologna; almost home

Fred is in Bologna, Italy, where he'll reunite tonight at the Bravo Caffe with organist Leonardo Corradi and drummer Tony Match for their trio tribute to the timeless groove of Jimmy Smith. (Many thanks to El Transistor for capturing the trio in Granada, Spain.) They'll head to France tomorrow for a show in Clermont-Ferrand that marks the last date for Fred in a marathon seven-weeks on the road that began in New York City in early October.

He had a few days rest in Paris after finishing a fun 10-days Sunday with his talented musical compadres in the klezmer-funk-hip hop party Abraham Incorporated: David Krakauer, Socalled, C-Rayz WalzMichael SarinSheryl Bailey, Allen Watsky, Nicki Parrott, Freddie Hendrix and Phillip Whack.

In Berlin, he had a chance to see The Illusionists, and to visit with the show's musical director Dustin Moore and Kenn Michael, the talented son of his longtime friend Lola Love. He also crossed paths  there with musical friends including guitarist John Scofield and drummer Jack DeJohnnette.

Enjoy these photos.

Abe Inc interview at Blues-sur-Seine
Fred and John Scofield
Fred, Jack Dejohnnette, Nicki Parrot and David Krakauer

Dustin Moore, Fred and Kenn Michael
Music meeting at Jazz Fest Sarajevo

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jazzing in Sarajevo; supporting KBQ

This weekend marked the beginning of a fall tour with Abraham Incorporated, which started at the Berlin Jazz Fest and continues tomorrow at Jazz Fest Sarajevo. It also marked the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign in which two special pieces of his paraphernalia are up for grabs.

Fred has donated two autographed platinum albums albums from his P-Funk years to support the proprietors of KBQ, who happen to be his son-in-law and two of his daughters. After garnering countless hungry fans at its first location and through its catering operations, KBQ has begun renovations on its new location in Lanham, Maryland. Click here to learn more and to support the best barbecue in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area!