Friday, November 29, 2013

Featured on a website and a wall

When Fred performed at Pop Montreal in September, the website "The Sound It Resounds" asked him what it has asked numerous other musicians: to talk about a recording that was particularly inspirational to him. Click here for video of his musings on the 1956 album "J is for Jazz," by J.J. Johnson.

In other news, Fred's image is featured prominently in a new mural by graffiti street artitsts AL Sticking and SALAMECH outside Le Jam, a club and school in Montpellier, France. Fred posed for photos for the mural when the New JBs played there last April. The New JBs' French agent Jean-Herve Michel of Nueva Onda posed for the photo below while the mural was still being completed. Thanks, Jean-Herve!

Jean-Herve Michel with the new mural at Le Jam. (Photo by Marie Brissett)

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