Monday, February 4, 2013

Funky Fred goes heavy metal

Fred hit the ATL last week for a recording session with the monstrously talented

yet modestly unassuming trumpeter Russell Gunn. Fred made a guest appearance on
the forthcoming Hotshoe Records CD from Gunn & his band Elektrik Butterfly,which features the music of Black Sabbath. Also in the house was trombonist Andre Heyward. Thanks to Leatrice Elizy of Beatrix Moss, a cultural curation firm, for these photos.

Fred and Russell
Russell, Fred, Ede Wright (guitar), Phil Davis (keys), Kevin Scott (bass) and Che Marshall (drums) plus Andre Heyward (foreground). 

In other news, Fred followed the session with a gig with Mark Sterbank's Hymns and Spirituals jazz group at Charleston Southern University. This weekend, he's giving a jazz performance at a fundraiser in his adopted hometown of Manning, SC, for Morris College, and at the end of January will head back to Japan for some guest appearances with guitarist Leo Nocentelli.

Finally, check out the blog's Media Archive for the following new additions:
  • Live video from the hot Japan session with Osaka Monaurail;
  • A blast from the past, courtesy of Canadian fan Will Torrens (thanks Will!), who sent youtube excerpts from a Fred appearance with the now defunct JB Horns on the now defunct UK TV program, "The South Bank Show."

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