Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off and touring in Europe

Fred and his New JBs are on the road in Europe -- a few days into a 10-day tour that began at Quasimodo in Berlin, where our friend Heinrich Buttler caught the shots below, and photographer Dieter Duvelmeyer caught these.  Thanks, Heinrich! Thanks, Dieter!

The stop in Berlin also featured a visit to multicult.fm, weltkuturradio, world culture radio, where Fred appeared live on the Saturday morning show of Wolfgang Konig. Visit www.multicult.fm to hear the rebroadcast tomorrow, April 25, at 3 p.m. Berlin time. (Fred's segment will begin at 4 p.m.)

Fred with station volunteers Ingrid and Arend, plus DJ Wolfgang Konig (far right)
The next stop, Tibilisi, Georgia, featured a news conference in addition to the performance tonight, as well as a whole lot of that famous Georgian hospitality. Scroll down for family pictures from there.
Onstage at Quasimodo
Onstage at Quasimodo, too
Fred and trumpeter Gary Winters blowing

New JBs guest bassist Jerry Preston backstage

New JBs guest saxman Phillip Whack backstage

Fred taking part in a Tibilisi press conference
Press conference performance
The band backstage at the Tibilisi Event Center

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