Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Europe to New York City to the Strathmore with Abe Inc.

Fred's gearing up for his upcoming European tour with his band, The New JBs, which features stops in Berlin, Paris,   Tblisi, Georgia, Duisburg, German and  Dornbirn, Austria. But he's also looking forward to what follows immediately after his return -- a short tour with Abraham Incorporated, with stops in New York City and at The Strathmore in Maryland.

Abe Inc also will do a bit of rehearsing while in New York, to follow up the band's recent European tour, which ended up in Milan, Italy, after winding through France, Germany and Switzerland. Here is a bit of video and some photos and  from that tour.

These are shots from the day in Lorient, France, by photographer Guy de Lacroix-Herpin. Thanks, Guy!

David Krakauer in a pre-show powwow with a group of clarinet players.
Fred photographing the powwow.

Fred and David onstage.
Abe Inc. onstage, urging Fred not to leave the "House Party."
Fred, Socalled and David signing after the show.
These are from our family cameras, from throughout the tour.

The tour bus, admirably piloted by our new friend Per.

Josh and C-Rayz, waiting in a hotel lobby.
A "musical toast" at the premiere of "Tweet Tweet," the DVD
Bassist and vocalist Jerome Harris and guitarist Allen Watsky, backstage in silhouette.

David onstage.
Trumpeter Freddie Hendrix, Fred and saxophonist Brandon Wright in Milan.

Wined and dined in Milan.


  1. Hello, I'm a photographer and I'm proud !
    Hi Fred !
    Guy de Lacroix-Herpin

  2. Its good to see old guys rocking all over the world with their talent.