Friday, October 14, 2011

Fred, Pee Wee and Maceo: Back together again in New York

The long-awaited reunion of the trio once known collectively as the JB Horns finally happened in New York, at the Town Hall before an enthusiastic crowd that got the Funky Good Time it came to enjoy.

Among the enthusiasts on hand were photographers Dino Perrucci (who took the shot above), Allison Murphy and Greg Aiello, who shared shots including the ones below. Also on hand were new friends including Rica Nik, who also took some photos.
Rica and Fred
Keep scrolling past the concert shots for more photos documenting the rest of the visit to New York, which included a recording session with D'Angelo, a visit to Julliard to see a performance by younger trombone star Wycliffe Gordon, and a music development session with semi-retired New York session singer Joshi Armstead.

Fred, Maceo and Pee Wee also had the pleasure of being interviewed by New York Times writer Larry Rohter, who turned in this fine article, and New York Times photographer Chester Higgins Jr., who got these shots and who, it turns out, is from Lower Alabama like Fred.

Pee Wee, Maceo, Fred

Fred, Maceo, Pee Wee

Fred, Chester, Pee Wee, Maceo
Yuri (of Blake Zidell & Associates PR), Fred, Joya, Pee Wee, Maceo, Charlotte (Pee Wee's wife and manager)

Thanks to all who made the adventure so much fun!

Thanks, Dino, for these shots:

Thanks, Greg, for these shots:

 Thanks, Rica, for this shot:

Finally, enjoy these shots from our family cameras:
Chester shooting Fred
Pee Wee, Times writer Larry Rohter, Maceo and Fred

Fred recording a trademark solo for D'Angelo's upcoming release.

D'Angelo and Fred

Wycliffe and Fred at Julliard

Joshi and Fred

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