Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love and funk in New Orleans

The wedding of Greg and Weize Aiello was a magical evening and a funky good time sparkling with musical luminaries. It happened Saturday, Sept. 24, at the lovely Pavilion of the Two Sisters in New Orleans' City Park, and Fred was blessed to be part of a beautiful reunion with musicians including Kirk Joseph, Skerik, Lettuce, and Steve Bernstein, and musical supporters including photographer  Dino Perrucci. Dino caught these two awesome shots.

Kirk and Skerik walk Weize down the aisle to the strains of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme."
Fred and Joya
And we caught these, including the first one with Dino and partner-photographer Allison Murphy on the other side of the camera. Fred's funky friends in these shots also include guitarist Eric Krasno, Kirk Joseph and his better half, Venessa, trombonist Craig Klein of Bonerama, and Hanna Naji.

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  1. Was Dino wearing shorts to the wedding? LOL!!