Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gracias, Spain! Hola Boston, Augusta, Paris, Casablanca ...

Many thanks to the many funk and jazz lovers who welcomed Fred with his Generations Trio during their March tour. Fred, young Italian organist Leonardo Corradi and next-generation French drummer Tony Match were welcomed warmly across the mainland and on the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and Majorca. Many thanks to Andres Marvelli for the photos below from Las Palmas on Gran Canaria Island.

Next on his agenda is a visit to Boston University, which will commemorate the 50th assassination anniversary of favorite son alumnus Martin Luther King Jr. with events including a free, public panel discussion and a master class, both of which will feature Fred, who was there in 1968 and is featured in the documentary "The Night James Brown Saved Boston."

Then he'll stop in the Godfather of Soul's hometown, Augusta, Ga., where he'll appear with the James Brown Band at the annual Major Rager, a golf-centric fundraising event during The Master's golf tournament, which this year features George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.

Then it's back to Europe for a tour with his full unit, The New JBs. It will start in Paris, then after a detour through Africa for the Jazzablanca Festival, wind through the Czech Republic, London, Amsterdam, Belgium, Switzerland and finally back to France. Check the dates and get tickets at the homepage, www.funkyfredwesley.com.
The trio onstage on Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Photo by Andres Marvelli.
Leo Corradi's hand at work. Photo by Andres Marvelli.

Fred onstage in Las Palmas. Photo by Andres Marvelli.
A gift from a Spanish artist and fan in Marbella.

Spanish news coverage.

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