Friday, February 17, 2017

Paying it forward

A young trombonist in Fred's hometown has a new horn and a new mentor thanks to his band director's public appeal and Fred's generous response. Ashley Ringold made this Facebook post (thoughtfully blacking out Fred's number) about her son Ashton's good fortune.

Gertie Wesley, Fred's first wife, saw this news report on Mobile, Alabama's Channel 15 about Scarborough Middle School's dire need for instruments. She sent Fred a text, called up the band director, and the rest is history. The trombone Fred gave Ashton was one he demonstrated for Chinese maker Jinbao. Click here to see the demonstration.

In other news, last weekend's gig in Denver with the James Brown Dance Party was a blast that also gave Fred a chance to connect with friends from the Foundation of Funk project and Lettuce.

Backstage photo by mpaphotography.


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