Thursday, April 21, 2016

Back from an amazin' Arabian funk experience!

With the help of Bill Bragin et al, Pee Wee Ellis and other visionaries, with some of his fellow world's funkiest musicians, Fred spread his magic through Arabia earlier this month as part of the development and premiere of FUNK: Evolution of the Revolution. The show was an electrifying funk immersion experience and celebration that succeeded in demonstrating the music's boundary-busting power.

In addition to providing the space and resources to develop the show that now will begin touring the world, Fred's two-week residency at NYU Abu Dhabi included workshops, panel discussions and delicious other opportunities for cultural exchange. Many thanks and much respect to all who were involved, including:

Pee Wee Ellis, co-music director
Brian Hardgroove, bassist and artistic director
Fred Ross, main vocalist
Carleen Anderson, guest vocalist
Chad Bernstein, trombonist and arranger
Gary Winters, trumpeter and arranger
Ernie Fields Jr., saxophonist and arranger
John Mader, drummer
Tony Remy, guitarist
Dan Moore, keyboardist
Add-2, rapper
Nicodemus, DJ
Hamdan Al-Abri, guest vocalist
Zain Awad (and family!), guest vocalist
Dr. Amir Al-Islam (and family!), host

Enjoy these photos.

Carleen Anderson onstage. (Photo by Waleed Shah)
Fred with sound(wo)man Estelle Galloway
Fred with Dr. Amir Al-Islam.
Pee Wee and Fred with guest vocalist Hamdan Al-Abri.
Pee Wee and Fred with New JBs trumpeter Gary Winters
Pee Wee and Fred with intern Sale
Fred with drummer John Mader.
Fred and bassist/artistic director Brian Hardgroove.
Fred with NYU producer Alana Barraj and New JBs saxophonist Ernie Fields Jr.
Fred with guest local drummers Ibrahim and Hamdan.
Fred speaks at the Dr. Al-Islam-hosted pre-screening discussion for "The Night James Brown Saved Boston."
Fred with Chad Bernstein.
Add-2 onstage during the show/ (Photo by Chad Bernstein)
Gary Winters' Funk 101 master classs.

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