Sunday, December 13, 2015

Playing tribute to The Blues, honored in Alabama

Fundraising has begun via Indiegogo for the tribute to The Blues album Fred is producing to honor this great American art form. The Blues was the first music he ever heard, and is the deepest part of his extraordinary aritstry over his 55 years in the business. 

Visit today to become a part of the project. Many thanks to Ms. BJ Peart for the video and to the generous donors who have gotten the campaign off to such a great start.

Congratulations to Fred on his induction last night into the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.  He accepted the honor on behalf of all the Mobile, Al., musicians who inspired and taught him, including his late father, Fredric A. Wesley Sr, his first teacher, E.B. Coleman, the late saxophonists Ed Pratt and Joe Morris, and his friend saxophonist Joe Lewis.

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