Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mr. Dynamite and the blues

Fred made a dash to NYC this week for an intimate premiere of the HBO documentary "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown." Check local listings to hear him talk about it this Sunday on NPR's "Weekend Edition," and Monday on NPR's "Here and Now." And enjoy the photos below.

Keep scrolling for shots from the recording session last week for Sid Whelan's forthcoming blues album. Whelan hired Fred to write horn arrangements and conduct the horn sessions, giving a warm up for the blues album he's working up. With New JBs second saxophonist Phillip Whack on sax and Eleazar Shafer on trumpet, Fred put horns on eight tunes over two days at Chris Garge's Old House Studio in Charlotte, NC, with engineer Mark Williams at the board. Thanks, Sid and Phillip and El and Chris and Mixer Mark!
Funky Fred on the red carpet at the premiere.
With the Rev. Al Sharpton.
With jazz singer Melissa Walker.
With bassist Christian McBride, film director Alex Gibney,
former JB singer Martha  High and dancer Ann Norman.
With Michael Veal and Alex Gibney at NPR.
With Christian McBride after taping
a laughter-filled interview for Weekend Edition at NPR.
With Sid Whelan at the Old House Studio in Charlotte
Blowing with Phillip Whack and Eleazar Shafer

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