Thursday, September 4, 2014

London, Austin; Sao Paulo, Tuscany, La Reunion

Where's Fred? Home having a short break before next week's shows in Austin, London, and across Italy with the Generations Trio. Here are some pictures from his recent adventures in Sao Paulo, Tuscany and on La Reunion Island. Many thanks to our Daniel R.N. Lopes, Fabiana Laurenzi and Thomas Giraud for the great photos.

Generations (Leonardo Corradi, Fred and Tony Match) onstage with guest percussionist Marco Bosco.

Fred with Italian funk band Sex FM.
New JBs bassist Dwayne Dolphin, pianist Peter Madsen and guitarist Reggie Ward at their Opus Pocus festival soundcheck.

Drum and bass: Guido May, who filled in for Bruce Cox, with Dwayne Dolphin
Horns: Fred, Gary Winters and Phillip Whack.