Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jazz Fest, Macau, Europe

Fred got the royal treatment as usual in New Orleans, where he took part last week in Shorty Fest, Fiya Fest, and -- with saxophone great Donald Harrison -- the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest. Click here for an overview recap of Jazz Fest, and here for an excellent photo recap from Dino Perrucci, including this shot. Thanks, Dino! Thanks, New Orleans!

Fred with Donald Harrison at Jazz Fest
Thanks, too, to the organizers of the Macau International Jazz Festival, where Fred enjoyed meeting and hearing Sizhukong, The Mingus Project and Stefano Bollani. The special edition of the New JBs included Victor Wesley on trombone, Vince Evans on keys and Joel Johnson on guitar.

The New JBs with The Mingus Project and festival volunteers.
Thanks to António Mil-Homens for the photos below.
Bruce Cox
Dwayne Dolphin
Ernie Fields Jr.
Gary Winters
Victor Wesley
Vince Evans
The New JBs
Also enjoy these shots from the talented Fabiana Laurenzi from the band's appearance in March at the Giotto Jazz Fest in Viccio, Italy. Thanks, Fabiana!

Finally,  here are some family photos from along the way.

Ernie and Fred jamming at Ned Kelly's in Hong Kong
Fred with fellow trombonist and diplomat Bob Kotka at Ned Kelly's
Backstage with Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews
Onstage with Donald Harrison's band
Offstage before the Headhunters Super Jam with Blackbyrd McKnight

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