Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Between tours in Berlin

Fred is resting in Berlin after finishing a seven-city tour with his band The New JBs and before beginning the next part of his fall European adventure -- a five-city tour with Abraham Incorporated that begins Saturday at JazzFest Berlin.

The New JBs tour ended with a hot show in Brno, Czech Republic, as part of the Moravia Music Fest. Many thanks to all who made the week such a fun and funky good time. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!  

The New JBs onstage in Brno, Czech Republic 
Festival logistician Lucie Karaflatova interviewing Fred after the show
Lucie and Fred
Berlin soundcheck
Trumpeter Gary Winters and pianist Barney McAll wait for the train in Innsbruck
Soundchecking in Zurich (thanks, Angelo!)
Tea time in Milano
With old friends Patrik Rosenberg and Michael Kirsch in Zurich
With old friend Juan Rozoff in Paris
Onstage at the Hoochie Coochie in Newcastle

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