Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back with his New JBs in Europe!

After much musical fun in Europe over the last two weeks, tomorrow Fred rejoins the tightest band in all lands: Fred Wesley and the New JBs. Get tickets now for these shows:

Oct. 18 -- Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle, UK
Oct. 19 -- Moods, Zurich
Oct. 21 -- New Morning, Paris
Oct. 22 -- The Blue Note, Milan
Oct. 25 -- Quasimodo, Berlin
Oct. 26 -- Metro Music Bar, Brno, Czech Republic

The run is part of seven weeks in Europe, including dates with the ongoing Celebration of Jimmy Smith with organ phenom Leonardo Corradi and drummer Tony Match, a show celebrating Lionel Hampton, and a week next month with Abraham Incorporated.

Enjoy the pictures below, and click here for more from Le Chat Vert in Rouen, France, by sax-playing photographer Laurent Meyer. (Thanks, Laurent!)

Oct. 5, Vicenza, Italy

Fred solos on the Lionel Hampton Tribute,  to the admiring faces (diagonally l-r) of Jason Marsalis out front on vibes, Axel Kuhn on saxophone and Claus Reichstaller on trumpet) 
Kassel, Germany

Fred with the "Jazz Taxi" of Markus Knierim's Theaterstubchen club in Kassel
Rouen, France
Leo, Fred and Tony (Photo by Laurent Meyer)
Granada, Spain
Arriving at the Hotel Condor in Granda, Spain
Interview with Elie Lion at the Boogaclub, Granada
Reggio Calabria, Italy

Leo, Fred and Tony take a bow at La Sosta (Photo by Ciko Cicciosca)

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