Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fred's on the money!

Fred's image graced the currency for volunteers over the weekend at the Hot Times Festival in Columbus, Ohio, where he was the headliner and honored guest on Saturday night.

Many thanks to the festival organizing team, especially Candi "C.L." Watkins, and to Chris Steele of Steele Jazz Entertainment for bringing together a truly hot time. Also thanks to Gail Bernard, who designed the "Fred Bucks."

While in Columbus, Fred also hooked up with his old friend Joshua Sheik, a drummer who is now one half of the soulful duo Wonder Twin Powers, with singer/guitarist/pianist Jenny Flory. The reunion happened at Sonic Lounge Recording Studio, where Fred laid a quick solo on a hot track from the band's forthcoming album.

The last day of his Ohio weekend took Fred to Eastlake, outside Cleveland, for a visit to instrument maker Conn-Selmer. He tried out trombones and got a fascinating tour of the 150,000-square-foot factory located there. Many thanks to Pete Cumming for the tour, and to Mark Gifford -- who Fred met in June at the International Trombone Festival -- for setting it up.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Fred with Candi "C. L." Watkins
Fred with Chris Steele
Fred with Wonder Twin Powers
Fred with Sonic Lounge engineer Joe Viers
Fred tries a Conn trombone as Pete Cumming looks on

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