Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bidding a brief farewell to France, and Abe Inc.

Fred finished his spring tour with Abraham Incorporated on Sunday in Strasbourg, France; dashed to Germany for a recording session with his friend and mentor Pee Wee Ellis, before heading back to France (Montpellier) to meet and begin touring Europe with his New JBs.

Enjoy these pictures from the end of the Abe Inc. tour. Click here for more pictures from the show in Utrecht.

Venue art exhibit poster in Paris
Fred and Igmar Thomas warming up backstage in Paris
C-Rayz backstage with chain-link flowers in Paris
Soundchecking in Paris
Dinner in Paris
Onstage in Paris
Signing in Paris
After the Paris show with bassist Jamal Guessoum
Interview/photo shoot in Metz
Soundchecking in Metz
More soundchecking in Metz
The audience dancing in Metz
Onstage in Strasbourg
Signing in Strasbourg

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