Monday, August 6, 2012

Home at last, revisiting Vienne in pictures

Vienne, France was the 12th of 29 cities Fred visited during the 42 days on the road he completed last week. Whew! Stay tuned for photos from stops after the Jazz A Vienne Festival, but first enjoy these additional shots, courtesy of Patrik Rosenberg of Carleen Anderson's management team and Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn of George Clinton's horn section (last photo). Thanks, Patrik! Thanks, Cherokee!

The New JBs at soundcheck, working out the horn parts for Carleen's guest performance of "Free"
Fred dictates the set list during soundcheck.
Technicians doing their thing.

Carleen greets George Clinton backstage.
Carleen and Fred watching Al McKay and his Earth Wind and Fire Experience
Carleen and Patrik
(l-r) EWF trombonist Justin Kirk, George Clinton band trumpeter Ben Cowan, George Clinton saxophonist Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn, Fred, New JBs trumpeter Gary Winters and New JBs manager Joya Wesley.


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