Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Lost Album" found and on sale now

Just in time for the holidays, "The Lost Album (Feat. 'Watermelon Man')" has been found and is available now on, which touts it with this editorial review:

"In the early 1970s, as James Brown gained new ground with a hungry group of young musicians he called "The J.B.'s," the Godfather of Soul knew one man could best lead the band: Fred Wesley, the trombonist who was a master at funk arranging. Under Brown's direction, Wesley would become famous for his solos, and leadership, on the classic hits "Soul Power," "Gimme Some More" and "Pass The Peas." Brown thanked Fred, who was a jazzman at heart, by offering him a jazz album under his own name: The JB's and Fred Wesley. Recording ensued; a single was issued, "Watermelon Man," but the LP release was cancelled. Now, from, is the complete album as Fred Wesley intended, with six of its nine tracks issued for the first time anywhere, plus four bonus tracks from the sessions that were only previously issued as 45-rpm singles. Except for "Watermelon Man," which used the J.B.'s - with Brown himself on drums - The JB's and Fred Wesley features the cream of New York studio musicians: Randy and Michael Brecker, Joe Farrell, Eddie Daniels, Steve Gadd, Ron Carter and many others. The album is rich with then-current hits, from Brown's own "Get On The Good Foot" to Bill Withers' "Use Me," the standard "Secret Love," which Wesley had been playing for years, and originals by Fred and his arranger Dave Matthews, all in a tightly arranged jazz-funk setting. With the conclusion of the James Brown Singles Series, it would seem the JB vault is dry. Not so: The JB's and Fred Wesley/ The Lost Album featuring Watermelon Man is but one release of more from the archives."

Click here to buy it now. Enjoy!

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  1. Great news, can't wait to hear this album. Thanks Fred!