Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the road again -- this time in South America

Fred's doing his favorite thing: traveling and playing with his band, the New JBs. Here they are with promoter Mariano "MC" Cardozo of Baires Blues in the airport in Neuquen, Argentina, where they played Friday night.

Mariano Cardozo, Reggie Ward (guitar), Barney McAll (keys), Gary Winters (trumpet), Fred, Dwayne Dolphin (bass), Bruce Cox (drums) and Ernie Fields Jr. (sax, flute)
Mario, Stephanie, Fred
"I'm very proud of my band," Fred told radio host Mario De Cristofaro of Radio Nacional Argentina during an interview Saturday translated by Stephanie Rubio.

Stephanie and Fred
Today they're off to Tuerto City in the Santa Fe region of Argentina, parts of which are plastered with posters announcing the band's first-time arrival.

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