Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love Letter to Fred: From Maryland, April 22, 2011

Thanks to fellow trombonist Robert Hayes Sr. for this Facebook message:

"Subject: Well Wishes...from a Trombone Fraternity
Good Evening Mr. Wesley: I have played trombone for the past 40 yrs. Never have I played and heard so many young musicians pay tribute to a trombone player as the gret Fred Wesley. I performed back in 79 in Cheraw, SC., home of the immortal Dizzy Gillespie (in attendance) with Fayetteville State Univ.'s jazz band. Comments from the local school (as in I) play pretty good, but nobody is better than the Great Fred Wesley !!! Just a THANK YOU TO YOU FOR BEING A GREAT TROMBONE PLAYER AND BLAZING A TRAIL FOR SOMEONE LIKE ME !!!!!!!....bob hayes."

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