Friday, April 15, 2011

40 Trombones and Fred in Buenos Aires

Meet Mariela Scarfo, a young trombonist/artist/funk lover who had an idea for a workshop during Fred's stay in Argentina. She got moving and making calls and quickly turned it into this:

Flyer for Fred's masterclass outside Domus Artis
It then flowered into this excellent gathering of trombonists to a beautiful, cozy, acoustically-perfect space at Domus Artis.

Great work. Muchas gracias to Mariela, Juan, and all those who participated and helped make it happen.

Finally, more thanks to all the people who made the band's two-night stand at La Trastienda such a great success, especially to our new friend Max, whose band 12/12 Funk opened the show. Fred called 12/12 Funk -- a group of beautiful people keeping the funk alive for new generations -- "a good funky band" that "has that P-Funk thang down real good." To the whole crew, muchas gracias!

Fred and Max at La Trastienda


  1. THANKS MR. WESLEY !!!!!!! Peace, FUNK & Love 4 you !!!!! Muchas Gracias !!!!!!
    Max & 12/12 FUNK

  2. Yeeeah Mr. Wesley! Be sure the seeds of True Funk you spread will have a good growing in Argentina... Thanks you!!
    Arne X- 12/12