Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Freiburg tonight; then London, Paris and more!

Fred's Spring 2015 European Tour with the tightest band in all lands, his beloved New JBs, is underway and stopping at the Freiburg Jazzhaus tonight. (Click here to buy tickets.)

He met up Saturday at the Bergamo Jazz Fest with his compatriots, most of whom have been in his band for more than 20 years: Bruce Cox on drums, Dwayne Dolphin on bass, Peter Madsen on keys, Reggie Ward on guitar, Gary Winters on trumpet and Phillip Whack on sax.

The tour follows eight great shows in Spain with Leonardo Corradi and Tony Match of his Generations Trio, during which he crossed paths with legions of excited young Spanish fans and other great musicians, including Screaming Headless Torsos in Zaragoza and Town Bones in Granada. 

The upcoming dates are:

--CONEGLIGANO, ITALY: Conegliano Jazz & Blues Festival. Click here to buy tickets.

--LONDON: Stand! at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Click here to buy tickets.

-- DARMSTADT, GERMANY: Central Station. Click here to buy tickets.

--SCHWEINFURT, GERMANY: Stattbahnhof. Click here to buy tickets.

--PARIS: New Morning. Click here or here  to buy tickets.

--ZURICH: Moods. Click here to buy tickets.

Enjoy these shots from the road.

With Leo and Tony somewhere in Spain.
With members of SHT in Zaragoza.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Magical Malasimbo!

Many thanks to the Malisimbo Festival for the magical weekend Fred and the New JBs spent in Puerto Galera, Philippines. The band took planes, vans, boats and jitneys to get there, and enjoyed great music and fellowship with other artists including Ky-Mani Marley, and a visit with the lovely children and staff at the Stairways Foundation.
Backstage with festival co-founder Miro Grgic.
The horn section backstage.
The rhythm section (with coconuts).
Interview after the show.
Impromptu workshop/jam at the Stairways Foundation.
Saying farewell to the staff at the Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort.