Monday, August 13, 2012

Checking out video from Spain

Fred funked up Madrid, Spain's Parque de San Blas last month with Juan Rozoff and the Horn Dogz. Click here for video of the hot unplugged performance! Thanks for the link to Alfredo Canas of Festival Enclave de Agua.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home, relishing some great summer touring

Starting with a last-minute detour to Los Angeles for a second recording session with D'Angelo, Fred was on the road for 42 hard days in a row this summer -- celebrating his 69th birthday and four other birthdays along the way, and finishing with high spirits, strong chops and a brand new trombone.

At a glance, Fred's itinerary looked like this:
Here are some pictures and more, continuing the picture story begun earlier, then later expounded upon.

Monsegur, France

The last stop on the first leg of New JBs tour, before the band went home for 10 days, was a festival in rainy yet still swinging Monsegur.
The New JBs joined onstage by a local brass band.

Fred and Joya making use of Fred's Brazilian umbrella gift from Pee Wee Ellis.
The New JBs onstage.

Konstanz with the Amrod Band

Located on beautiful Lake Constance, which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Konstanz is home to Paul Amrod, the Julliard-trained composer brother of Fred's old bus-driving friend Willi Amrod. Three performances there with their Amrod Band, along with a rehearsal in a bizarre TV studio somewhere in Switzerland, marked the release of Willi's new CD, "Everywhere is Outta Town."
Lake Constance
Swiss television station rehearsal.
(r-l) Willi, Sue, Gene, Nina.
The Amrod Band onstage.
The Amod Band onstage, too.
With the Jamal Thomas Band

Fred made appearances with the JTB at the  Swinging' Groningen Festival in Holland, the Hot Jazz Club in Munster, Germany, and Colos Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany.

Onstage at Colos-Saal with the JTB.
With Mark and Joep (pronounced "Yoop"), the JTB horn section.

With JTB singers Maria and Maureen.

With JTB guitarist Elco.

With JTB special guest, keyboardist Ed Grant.

With JTB drummer Alex Bernath and bassist Daniel Lottersberger.
Rath Trombones, Holmfirth, England

With his visit this summer, Fred joined a list of artists including Dennis Rollins, Conrad Herwig, and the Count Basie Orchestra's trombone section as an endorser of Michael Rath Trombones. (Thanks to Derrick Parker for the best of these photos.)

Fred at Rath Trombones.
Trombone testing.
With Mick Rath (right) and Rath director Chris Beaumont (left).
Fred in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England

Fred and Mick with their ales.
Onstage with his new horn.
Onstage with the CTI Project.
With 13-year Rath endorser Dennis Rollins and Mick Rath's trombone-playing eldest son.

Bonneville, France

The New JBs reunited July 19 at the Pleins Feux Festival in Bonneville, France, then continued together through France and the Czech Republic. After the show in Prague, the band spent three off days there while Fred and Joya dashed to Spain and back.

The New JBs onstage.
Peter celebrating his birthday.
With tall festival volunteer "Audrey."
La Roche-sur-Yon, France

The New JBs onstage.
Gary celebrating his birthday as driver Harald Pfeuller looks on.
 Biarritz, France

The "coucher de soleil"(sunset) in Biarritz.

The New JBs onstage.

Joya celebrating her birthday.

Prague, Czech Republic

Ernie celebrating his birthday.
Click here for photos from the summer's earlier Czech gig (courtesy of Jana Holoubková Bodrinová and photographer Přemysl Fejfar).


Park performance for an internet show.
National television interview at Sala Caracol.
Band and radio personnel watching for the Mothership.
Spanish radio interview.
Spanish radio performance.
Fred onstage in Madrid with the Horn Dogz, Juan Rozoff and the B-Fam.

Frydek Mistek, Czech Republic

The New JBs onstage.
Posters advertising the show at Frydek Castle.
The New JBs gathered at Hotel Afrika on the tour's last night.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Home at last, revisiting Vienne in pictures

Vienne, France was the 12th of 29 cities Fred visited during the 42 days on the road he completed last week. Whew! Stay tuned for photos from stops after the Jazz A Vienne Festival, but first enjoy these additional shots, courtesy of Patrik Rosenberg of Carleen Anderson's management team and Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn of George Clinton's horn section (last photo). Thanks, Patrik! Thanks, Cherokee!

The New JBs at soundcheck, working out the horn parts for Carleen's guest performance of "Free"
Fred dictates the set list during soundcheck.
Technicians doing their thing.

Carleen greets George Clinton backstage.
Carleen and Fred watching Al McKay and his Earth Wind and Fire Experience
Carleen and Patrik
(l-r) EWF trombonist Justin Kirk, George Clinton band trumpeter Ben Cowan, George Clinton saxophonist Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn, Fred, New JBs trumpeter Gary Winters and New JBs manager Joya Wesley.