Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fred and the New JBs tour photos: Europe, May 2011

Many thanks to funky photographers from Germany and France for taking the following photos and helping us document the May 2011 European tour by Fred and the New JBs, which included scheduled stops in Bonn, Germany, Zurich, Switzerland, and Saarguemines, Ivry sur Seine, Montpellier, Marseille and La Rochelle, France. A couple of unscheduled stops resulted from a troubled tour bus, but even that made for some great shots and all ended well. Enjoy!

Here's a photo from Fred's camera, shot somewhere in the wilds of France:

(l-r) Peter, Dwayne, Reggie, Phillip, Bruce
Here are photos from Joya's camera:

Peter and Dwayne help with the attempted repairs.
Peter, Alain Heid and Dwayne celebrate Dwayne's birthday in Saarguemines. 
Fred with the crew at Le Jam in Montpellier.
Fred funking at Le Jam.
Fred before his chateau (hotel) near La Rochelle.
Here are photos from Regina Ekamp at the "Soul Preacher" show organized by Heinrich Buttler at his church in Bonn, Germany:

MC Heinrich
Funky kids
The "Soul Sisters," volunteers who dressed in '70s attire for the occasion, having a funky good time.
More Soul Sisters
Fred signing CDs next to volunteer Annette Unkelbach, who helped him sell.
Here are photos from Jennifer Pasquier in Montpellier, France, taken at Le Jam:

Finally, here are photos from Cecile Mourlaque at La Sirene in La Rochelle, France, where Fred met with conservatory students before performing to a crowd of more than 600 at a show opened by the Youngblood Brass Band:
Fred with translator meeting conservatory students at La Sirene.
Fred signing posters for students.
Fred posing with students.
The New JBs onstage at La Sirene

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Letter to Fred: From Bonn, May 12, 2011

Many thanks to our blue-eyed brother Heinrich Buttler, shown here with a poster autographed by Fred, for the following post-gig love letter. It was a great night and the New JBs will look forward to doing it again. Click here to check out the new discography!

A huge thanks to MR. FRED WESLEY! 
Without a doubt, Fred Wesley has a God-given talent and gave us good demonstration in our church. If religion can mean that one soul reaches another then Mr. Wesley played a worship! Around 350 people gave him enthusiastic response! Someone may have thought: Is this the Apollo?  We were quite aware of who we had in our little church and still are highly appreciative that Mr. Wesley & The New J.B.'s supported our charity trust. We do not only love the outstanding musician Fred Wesley but also the authentic and sympatico human being. I think as part of my introduction I described him as "A REAL AMERICAN ICON" and that's exactly how I feel about him. Speaking about Fred Wesley means speaking about 50 years stage experience and probably far more than 10,000 live performances during that time. Worldwide Mr. Wesley is respected to be THE BEST trombone player in any kind of genre, of course especially when it comes to funk and jazz. Often he is unfairly reduced to his great collaborations as arranger and trombonist for "The Godfather Of Soul" James Brown, but his abilities embrace a far wider range. Being fascinated with Mr. Wesley's art I had the great pleasure and even greater honor to write his discography. An assignment convicted to fail. Quickly I had to learn a Fred Wesley discography is never complete, never correct but it’s now part of his website! Check it out, it's steadily growing. -- Heinrich Buttler

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Breaking Bread in Bonn and Saarguemines

Fred's old friends Heinrich Buttler of Bonn, Germany, and Alain Heid of Saarguemines, France, turned promoters for the first two dates of the New JBs' spring tour of Europe. Click here for (German) coverage of the unique Bonn show, held at Heinrich's church, and here for (French) coverage of the Saarguemines show, sponsored by the local Rotary Club, featuring a guest appearance by area saxwoman Celia Baron.

Here are pictures from the shows, which began a seven-date tour that continued May 8 in Zurich, and today through Sunday in Ivry-sur-Seine, Montpellier, Marseilles and La Rochelle, France.

Photos from Bonn by Walter Schnabel:

MC Heinrich
MC Heinrich and Fred
Here are photos by Heinrich from Bonn:
Peter Madsen

Dwayne Dolphin

Bruce Cox

Reggie Ward

Phillip Whack
Here are photos by Celia's husband, Siggi Schenke:

Here are photos by Heinrich from "the morning after," in Saarguemines:
Fred and the New JBs (Dwayne Dolphin, Buce Cox, Peter Madsen, Reggie Ward, Gary Winters and Phillip Whack).

Fred and the New JBs with Alain and Evelyn Heid.
Finally, from that same morning, Fred and Heinrich:

Heinrich and Fred
Thanks to all our funky photogs, and to all who made these shows happen! Stay tuned for more photos from the tour.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tell It Like It Is!

Fred and the New JBs -- in Bonn, Germany, today, beginning a tour of Europe that will take the band to Zurich and through France -- will be featured July 7-11 this year in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s program, Rhythm and Blues:  Tell It Like It Is. Click here to learn more about the festival, and make your plans now to get funky with Fred on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.